The Kankakee Valley Park Foundation

803 S. Eighth Ave.
815-272-7032 (Lisa Cooper, Kankakee Valley Park Foundation President)

The Kankakee Valley Park Foundation is organized and operated exclusively for educational, civic and charitable purposes. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the Kankakee area by assisting in the preservation of open space and enhancing recreation facilities and programs in Kankakee for people of all ages to enjoy.

Resident Scholarship Program

The Kankakee Valley Park District recognizes that family and individuals, due to circumstances beyond their control, can experience severe financial problems. For this reason, the Kankakee Valley Park Foundation created a Scholarship Program enabling residents to participate in recreational programs at a reduced fee.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Applicant must be a resident of Kankakee Valley Park District.
  2. Scholarship funds are awarded on the basis of need and availability of funds. Proof of financial need must be provided.
  3. All information on the applicant must be true and accurate. Scholarship funds are legally recoverable if paid and awarded on the basis of false or misleading information.
  4. The amount of the Scholarship funds granted and the percentage applied to each program is based on income and household size.
  5. Only those persons listed on your last Federal 1040 or 1040A Tax Return will be eligible to receive scholarship funds.
  6. Scholarships up to $200 are awarded per family per season (we have 3 seasons = Fall, Winter/Spring, Summer).
  7. If scholarship covers partial payment, the balance of the fees is required within two weeks of receiving Scholarship funds confirmation.
  8. Information submitted is confidential and is not a matter of public record of the Park District.
  9. Receipt of Scholarship Program application or approval of Scholarship funding does not secure a program spot. Applicants are subject to program registration availability.
  10. Future Scholarship Program applications may be denied based on lack of participation/attendance.

Scholarship Guidelines

Please return the following items to the Kankakee Valley Park District, Bird Park Administrative office at 893 W. Station Street, Kankakee, IL, 60901:

  • Scholarship Program Application.
  • Program Registration form (indicating which programs you would like to attend).
  • Proof of Residency
  • Current utility bill showing both name and address.
  • Current photo ID.
  • Copy of all pages of the most recent Federal Tax 1040 form (if applicant does not file an income tax return, then additional documentation is required).
  • Checking account statements for the previous three months.
  • SSA/SSI Award Letter (Disability Income).
  • Proof of Application for/or receipt of Benefits from IDHS (public Aid or Food Stamps).
  • Unemployment or Workman’s Compensation for previous three months including amount of benefits received.
  • Copy of Divorce Decree including alimony and child support amounts.
  • If not natural parent, a proof of guardianship.
  • Current copy of ‘Kids & Mom’ or other State Medical Health Program.