Staff Directory

Mission Statement

The Kankakee Valley Park District exists to acquire, develop and maintain parks; promote the conservation of natural and historical resources, and provide recreational facilities, programs, and services for the benefit of all District Residents. The ability to accomplish our mission is made possible through the dedicated efforts of commissioners and staff, the generosity of area residents a combinations of tax dollars, fees, private donations and grants, and by working cooperatively with other government and private entities.

Kankakee Valley Park District Team

Dayna J. Heitz Executive Director
John Coghlan Attorney
Melissa Woodard Superintendent of Recreation
Angela Pace-Tousignant General Manager Ice Valley
Janine Rojo Assistant General Manager Ice Valley
Ariana Padilla Facilities Manager
Maintenance Staff
Rick Collins Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
Eric Gray
Robert Freyman
Jim Schopf
Charlie Riner
Ken Mosier


We are always looking for interns in the following departments:
Recreation, Marketing, and Maintenance.
For internship opportunities contact



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