FOIA Requests

How To Submit A FOIA Request

In compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, the Kankakee Valley Park District provides the following information to assist citizens who ask for access to records authorized under the Act.

The request for access to public records must be made in writing. A written request does not have to be made on a standard form. You may submit your written request in person at the address listed below - or via mail, fax, or e-mail.

Please submit your request to:

Dayna Heitz – FOIA Officer
Kankakee Valley Park District
893 W Station Street
Kankakee IL 60901

Fax: 815-933-7338

When submitting your written request, please be as specific as possible. The Freedom of Information Act is designed to allow you to receive and/or inspect copies of records. It is not designed to require a public body to answer questions.

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